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Gear Up for Success: Zenithive Powers Orial Outdoor’s PPC Campaign


I can’t thank Zenithive enough for the remarkable impact they’ve made on our outdoor gear business. Their PPC expertise has not only increased our online visibility but has also driven meaningful engagement and boosted sales. With Zenithive, we found a trusted partner who understands our unique needs and delivers results beyond our expectations.

Dean Logan

/ Founder – Orial Outdoor
Orial Outdoor was founded with the simple yet ambitious goal: to design and develop premium outdoor gear that is not only exceptional in quality but also accessible to inspire more people to embrace an active outdoor lifestyle.
Client https://orialoutdoor.co.za/


Our solution

Orial Outdoor faced a significant hurdle with ads that lacked cohesive messaging, resulting in a disconnect between their brand and the audience. The scattered ad content failed to resonate, leading to low click-through rates and missed opportunities for engagement.
Zenithive's approach involved a comprehensive brand audit and strategic content alignment. Crafting compelling, unified ad copies and visuals, we ensured a consistent brand narrative across all campaigns. This not only increased CTR but also bolstered Orial Outdoor's brand appeal, fostering a deeper connection with their audience.
Orial Outdoor's PPC campaigns suffered from inefficient budget allocation due to the inclusion of broad and irrelevant keywords. This led to a high volume of clicks from users outside their target market, resulting in wasted ad spend and minimal returns on investment.
Zenithive conducted an in-depth keyword analysis, refining the list to include highly relevant terms aligned with Orial Outdoor's target audience. By implementing negative keywords and honing in on specific search queries, we optimized the budget, ensuring each click was a strategic investment that resonated with potential customers.
Orial Outdoor lacked comprehensive insights into their PPC campaign's impact on actual conversions. Limited conversion tracking capabilities left gaps in understanding the customer journey, hindering data-driven decision-making.
Zenithive implemented advanced conversion tracking mechanisms, seamlessly integrating with Orial Outdoor's e-commerce platform. This not only provided a holistic view of the customer's path to purchase but also offered actionable data on conversion sources. Armed with this information, Orial Outdoor could fine-tune their campaigns with precision, optimizing for maximum conversion impact.


Zenithive’s tailored solutions not only addressed the challenges faced by Orial Outdoor but also propelled them into a new era of PPC success, redefining their digital presence and driving tangible business results.
Crafting a Unified Brand Story
In the first phase of our collaboration, Zenithive delved deep into Orial Outdoor's brand essence. We meticulously audited existing ad content and visual elements, crafting a harmonious narrative that resonated across all campaigns. The result? A unified brand story that not only boosted click-through rates but also forged a stronger emotional connection between Orial Outdoor and its audience.
Precision Keyword Refinement
Struggling with inefficient budget allocation? Zenithive's second step involved a strategic overhaul of Orial Outdoor's keyword landscape. By fine-tuning the list, excluding irrelevant terms, and focusing on high-performing keywords, we not only optimized ad spend but also attracted a more targeted audience. The outcome? A 30% boost in conversion rates, proving the power of precision in keyword refinement.
Advanced Conversion Tracking Insights
Unlock the mysteries of your customer journey. Zenithive implemented advanced conversion tracking systems seamlessly integrated with Orial Outdoor's e-commerce platform. This move illuminated critical touchpoints, enabling Orial Outdoor to make data-driven decisions. The result? A 20% increase in overall conversions and a deeper understanding of customer behavior that continues to shape future strategies.
Beyond Clicks – Cultivating Digital Adventures
Zenithive doesn’t just generate clicks; we curate digital adventures. Our holistic approach goes beyond the numbers, ensuring that each interaction is a meaningful step in your brand's journey. With our tailored strategies, Orial Outdoor not only achieved a significant surge in engagement but also set the stage for lasting brand loyalty and recognition. Join us in crafting your brand's digital odyssey.
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