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The SEO and PPC Makeover for a Skincare Brand : The pHrase


As a skincare brand, the pHrase sought to redefine beauty in the digital realm, and Zenithive delivered beyond expectations. Their expertise in SEO and PPC not only elevated our online presence but sculpted a narrative that resonates with our audience. The strategic finesse with which Zenithive approached every click and keyword was nothing short of remarkable.

Niyant Nirmal

/ Founder – The pHrase
The pHrase distinguishes itself by offering authentic products containing plant-based ingredients, supported by thorough research and testing. Unlike many self-care brands, The pHrase acknowledges the significance of pH levels and strives to address the root causes of skin and hair problems by incorporating pH balancing elements into its products.


Our solution

The pHrase, a promising skincare brand, faced the challenge of being virtually invisible in the vast online beauty landscape. Despite having quality products, potential customers were struggling to discover the brand amidst the digital noise.
Zenithive, with its expertise in web development and digital marketing, implemented a tailored SEO strategy for the pHrase. By optimizing website content, enhancing meta tags, and utilizing relevant keywords, we ensured that the pHrase stood out in search engine results. This not only increased organic visibility but also attracted a more targeted audience actively seeking skincare solutions.
The pHrase was investing heavily in PPC campaigns, yet the returns were not proportional. High advertising costs were denting profitability, and the brand was struggling to find the right balance between visibility and cost-effectiveness.
Zenithive conducted a meticulous audit of the pHrase's PPC campaigns. We identified redundant keywords, optimized ad copies, and strategically refined the targeting parameters. By focusing on high-converting keywords and demographics, we not only reduced advertising costs but also maximized the impact of each marketing dollar spent.
Even when visitors reached the pHrase's website, user engagement was lacking. The site was experiencing a high bounce rate, indicating that potential customers were not finding the information they needed or experiencing a seamless journey through the site.
Zenithive revamped the pHrase's website with a user-centric approach. We streamlined navigation, improved page load times, and created compelling content that resonated with the brand's target audience. By making the website more intuitive and visually appealing, we not only reduced bounce rates but also encouraged visitors to explore more, leading to increased conversions.


The pHrase now enjoys higher visibility, reduced advertising costs, and increased user engagement, ultimately translating into improved sales and a stronger foothold in the competitive skincare market.
Unveiling the Digital Landscape
In the initial phase, our team embarked on a journey of discovery and analysis. The challenge was to identify the pHrase's digital struggles, and our approach involved an in-depth analysis of the brand's current online presence. This meticulous examination helped us pinpoint specific areas that required improvement, laying the foundation for a targeted strategy.
Precision in Optimization
Addressing the challenge of an almost invisible online presence, we implemented strategic SEO solutions. Our approach involved customized strategies, including keyword optimization, enhancement of meta tags, and refinement of existing content. The result was a notable increase in organic visibility, attracting a more engaged and relevant audience to the pHrase.
Refining the Advertising Symphony
Facing the hurdle of soaring PPC costs without proportional returns, our team executed a meticulous PPC campaign revamp. This phase included a comprehensive audit, refining keywords, optimizing ad copies, and strategically targeting demographics. The outcome was a significant reduction in advertising costs while maximizing the impact of each marketing dollar.
Redesigning the User Journey
To combat poor user engagement on the website and high bounce rates, we initiated a user-centric website overhaul. This comprehensive redesign focused on improving the overall user experience, including streamlined navigation, enhanced load times, and the creation of compelling content. The outcome was a more intuitive and visually appealing website, resulting in reduced bounce rates and increased user interaction.
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